is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm formed in 1985 in Los Angeles, California  by

Beth Schnierow, CID, Certified Interior Designer, & AIA Affiliate / LA.

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S O T A Design   “renaissance” approach to design demonstrating that architecture, interiors, furnishings, fashion, art, food and entertaining have common threads that strongly influence each other.  

Being creative extends far beyond the boundaries of the trade and transcends all areas of life.

Over the years, S O T A Design has enjoyed a highly diverse client base and produced a broad range of design projects from full-service commercial and residential interior and exterior design to designing furnishings, exhibitions, graphics, presentations, styling, staging and set design and personal shopping in the United States and Canada.

The work of S O T A Design stylistically reflects a classic and modern design aesthetic with a sophisticated edge while at the same time utilizing the latest design innovations and technologies. 

Well known as a specialist in color, materials, finishes and furnishings design and selection, S O T A Design frequently collaborates on a consulting basis with Design and Architectural firms and professionals as part of the project design team.

Working very closely with clients and team members, from conception to completion of a project, S O T A Design strives to develop solutions that are not only innovative and creative, but also meet programmatic, practical, aesthetic, budgetary, code and environmental criteria.

Of the utmost importance to S O T A Design is presenting and implementing concepts in a way that clients have a good understanding of the finished product through the use of VectorWorks CAD drawings, Photoshop renderings, digital photography, catalogue tear sheets, mock-ups, strike-offs and actual physical samples.

S O T A Design often collaborates with partner, Eugene F. Carpino, Architect and designer, licensed in California, to offer architectural services for new construction and remodeling projects. 

Gene has a diverse background in high-end residential work in Chicago  and Los Angeles from ground-up structures thru interior finishes, cabinetry detailing, design and construction.

Beth and Gene are always on the lookout to find lots of “cool stuff” including design and fashion accessories, art, and whatever. They each developed           sites offering these interesting and fun items  for sale.

An offshoot of S O T A Design is S O T A || Furnishings, a collection of custom furnishings such as pillows, bedspreads and throws designed and fabricated in collaboration with fashion designer Kevin Clare.

Photos coming soon!

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